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Frank Shaw is a practicing trial attorney, husband, father, coach, LSU football fan and sportsman who studies theology in his spare time. He is a recovering alcoholic who “knows that he knows” he was saved by God surely as if plucked from the path of a speeding bus. The rest he is still figuring out.

“I believe God is the author of a big story, a story of love and redemption, and we are all key characters in it, created for a purpose. Frank’s life story is a beautiful example of this. Open to God’s purpose, Frank encountered God in his joys, struggles, and sorrows. His frequent question, ‘What do you want me to do now?’ signals the obedience required to follow the path of Jesus.”
RICH STEARNS, President of World Vision United States, author of The Hole in Our Gospel and Unfinished

“In Signals of Transcendence, Frank Shaw, in a brutally honest way, shares both the beauty and brokenness of his life. And along the way, he invites us to a deeper level of trust in the relentless and transforming love of God, who not only works in spite of our failures and struggles, but so often in the midst of them.” Danny Wuerfel

“There are some people you love to go to lunch with just to hear the deep wisdom that comes from them.  Frank is one of those people and that wisdom is deeply imbedded in his book.  All of his craziness, joy, sadness and even sorrow comes through in a life story that all of us can learn so much from.  I would urge you to read this book.”  Bob Katz, GND Media Group and author of best selling Money Came by the House the Other Day.

“This is a fascinating story of God’s grace and mercy taking you face to face with addiction, destructive lifestyle and choices which bring us to hopelessness. However, we see firsthand the grace of God intervening in one man’s life and in turn transforming generations to follow. Everyone on one level or another can relate to this book.”  David Bottner, CEO New Orleans Mission

“A gutsy and thoughtful reflection on ultimate questions and ups and downs of life. Well written and moving.” Walter J. Leger, Jr., Senior Partner, Leger & Shaw